Episode 2 | Wants

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WANTS- [ trans. ] have a desire to possess or do (something); wish for : I want an apple | [with infinitive ] we want to go to the beach | [ trans. ] she wanted me to go to her room | [ intrans. ] I’ll give you a lift into town if you want.
• wish to consult or speak to (someone) : Tony wants me in the studio.
• (usu. be wanted) (of the police) desire to question or apprehend (a suspected criminal) : he is wanted by the police in connection with an arms theft.
• desire (someone) sexually : I’ve wanted you since the first moment I saw you.
• [with present participle ] informal chiefly Brit. (of a thing) require to be attended to in a specified way : the wheel wants greasing.
• [with infinitive ] informal ought, should, or need to do something : you don’t want to believe everything you hear.
• [ intrans. ] ( want in/into/out/away) informal desire to be in or out of a particular place or situation : if anyone wants out, there’s the door.
This episode is a doozy and features:
Supreme Courtney
Todd Harris
and Ben and Aaron.

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