Episode 14 | Fourteen

October 26th, 2011 § 0 comments

We disappeared. We’ve reappeared, although now much different than we were before.

A Letter from Benj-

Hey loyal Listeners, if you ARE STILL THERE. (Which you should be).
This episode is more organic in nature, and represents a new approach.
When we first started doing the Adventurenaut Cassettes, it was really silly and fun. The three of us were really on a roll for a while, but then we hit a wall. A wall named “Complicated Ridiculous Life”. We have recorded episode 14 literally 4 times, and we even recorded episode 15 as well, which our listeners may hear at some point. Half way through editing the 4th iteration of episode 14 I couldn’t do it the way I had been anymore. It was starting to feel like more like a job, a job that felt like it had a little or no payoff. Even with Courtney and Aaron volunteering to do a lot of the work, I just couldn’t do it. There were issues outside of the podcast that slowly leaked there way into it, and thankfully those leaks have been caulked, and you should be hearing from us more often. One of the things you may notice is the lack of absurdly long comedy sketches, I am not saying we are tossing them altogether, it’s just a lot more fun to have them as videos to give the podcast a little more life. There may be a sketch here and there, but a lot of the feedback we had been getting was that you wanted more of the three of us being goblins. We will still have awesome songs and such, it’s just going to be different. We may even have guest producers, we will see.
We still love you, and thanks for sticking with it.

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