Concerning the Podcast

The Advenurenaut Cassettes is a comedy podcast by Aaron, Benj, and Courtney. It is a mix of music, found sound, sketch comedy, and phone calls. If you want to rant, say anything or ask us questions call (623)-252-2365. All callers are considered anonymous unless noted.

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  • Chris Taylor says:

    Hey everyone, I wanted to see if any other shows from the ‘Yourcast’ page would want to team up and do live read spots for each others shows, ‘Like’ each others shows on Facebook and give each other 5 star feedback and positive comments on iTunes.

    I did this with a bunch of other shows that did an ad with Smodcast and it really expanded our listeners and helped spread the word.

    I think it would be great for everyone.

    Let me know if you’re interested…

    Chris Taylor
    The Chris Taylor Show

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